Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Life Long Learner

I guess you could say I’m a thinker.

I suppose thinking is universally pretty constant, which makes my condition rather un-spectacular.

I think therefore I am.

Sometimes I think that I think much more than to be expected, but then I think about how constant thought should always be thought to be expected. Even though a certain mind may lack the more complex cognitions, the moment that a mind ceases to perpetually perform, is the moment that its existence is irrevocably checked.

Why such big words…

I have no choice but to perceive the world around me in a way that is uniquely mine. My mind is what makes me no different from any other, but it itself is of its own kind. Unmatched, unprecedented, unequaled but still a mind like every other that ever has, and ever will, think. Education (institution and non-institution), has not changed the foundational identity of my mind, (me) but it has worked tirelessly to change the process by which my ultimate judgements are achieved.

I am a life-long learner.

Scribed amongst the top goals for any and all graduates of my Alma Matter is the following: “To be a life-long learner”. What’s funny about institutional education is how un-important the facts we all try to learn really are. Institutional education’s true aim is to teach us how to think, how to exist. We are taught how to co-exist with those around us, and how to forge the potency of our own existence into something more meaningful, at least by their standards. We become life-long learners by grasping the dichotomy of true education. Universities and other such institutions are only a part, a half perhaps, or maybe such ratios are erroneous. Because where the conformities of instution end, life begins.

Abri sus ojos.

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