Friday, March 27, 2009

I know how...

I can throw a baseball pretty damn far. And I can catch one pretty damn well too.
I know what to do when I’m getting rag-dolled by a wave… relax.
I know how to swim.
I know how to appreciate art and the beauty that those around me create.
I know how to choose my words wisely.
I know how to listen.
I know that patience really is a virtue.
I know the value of hard work, and the value of those that work hard.
I know how to create.
I know how to treat a woman, how to make her a queen.
I know how to laugh.
I know that a picture is worth far more than a thousand words.
I know how to kick a ball, and throw myself at balls already kicked.
I know that our mistakes do not define us, but their consequences suck.
I know there is a God, and I know that he knows me.
I know how to drive a stick.
I know how to parallel park.
I know that life isn’t worth living, if it means living without coffee.
I know that those who don’t speak much, are taken far more seriously when they do.
I know that love is all you need.
I know that style and grace are way better than tricks.
I know that arguing for arguing sake isn’t really that cool.
I know loyalty.
I know how to check my fluids, and how to jump a car.
I know how to serve a tennis ball.
I know how to play the net.
I know that pain only makes you stronger.
I know that real men cry, but not very often.
I know that war is pain.
I know that when you have nothing to give, you still have your talents.
I know how to be a man,
and you taught me.

Happy Birthday Dad...


Anna Benscoter said...

This is a wonderful gift Joseph. I am sure your dad will be honored.

insomniaclolita said...

This is probably the sweetest letter to a parent I've ever read this year..amazing!:)