Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I look into your eyes and I see demise, the ashes of what we’ve come to despise. Its not really a surprise theres no doubt in my mind, reality was never meant to be a lullaby. Speakin in tongues with the syllable sums, suddenly seein where your comin from, and where your gonna go, maybe I don’t know, never was ever so cleverly shown. Open up to a tune like flames, pointing the finger with disparity of blame. But three point back you know this game, the subtle mind tricks that we all must play, not a stranger to the shame in our own way, time heals all wounds that’s what they say… but you’re beauty is a vice that I cannot slay.

One more time, open up your mind, speak the words of a life intertwined. Never you mind, what you could not find, true perception is the rarest kind. In a foggy haze full of doubtful pain we all suffer what we must in our own ways. Pass through this phase, this group of days, this too will pass and so we give you praise. Two hands to raise, guide me through this maze, in my darkest moments I become amazed. Of your healing power over this game, I stare into the sun and hang my head in shame. I’ve become the bain the source of my pain, the cause of the curse coursing through my veins. My own demise of my own my mind, will I stand before the endless march of time.