Tuesday, January 5, 2010

sink or swim

I love the holidays.

It brings out the best in people.

Christmas comes and for a short time, people more or less get along.  The world’s not perfect by any means, but unless you’re soul is dead, you can feel a hint of goodwill in the air, perhaps a smile on the faces of strangers.

New Years brings promises of fresh beginnings.  A benchmark for a new start.  Suddenly gym memberships increase, cigarette sales decrease, our cup is half-full, and the whole world has an excuse to party…

if only for a while.

For me, The New Year comes at an interesting time.  I see land but i’m still in deep waters.  I can almost taste the spoils, but danger’s abound.

There are sharks and there are currents, but what is most dangerous is my own weakness.  I want to give up.  It would be so easy to sink.

But I will swim.  I will put my head down, and I will go.  Even though I sometimes I swim forward, and move backwards.

As I look out at the new year ahead I see the promise of land that has been elusive for so long.  But I hear the siren’s song.  They offer the sweetness of stolen water, and I can’t help but be enticed, knowing full well the price.    

I feel like i’m at a very similar place that I was one year ago when I began posting my thoughts.  But something tells me next year will be much, much different…

one way or another.

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Happy New Year !!!

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